Orientation - does anyone know the dates??

<p>My son just signed up to attend UCLA yesterday. We're from NJ. Does anyone know when the orientation sessions are? Are they worthwhile attending?</p>

<p>Also, he doesn't quite meet the requirements Writing. But he won't be in CA to take the test on May 14th. And he didn't sign up for the AP English exam. Does anyone know if UCLA will give him the writing exam at one of the orientation sessions?</p>

<p>Last - he's probably going to sign up for the UCLA Club Hockey program - anyone know if it's very popular or if many UCLA students attend the games?</p>


<p>yes, he can take the analytical writing exam durng orientation sometime over the summer. Dates have not been posted yet. The fee for freshman orientation is $340 while transfer is about $1~~</p>

<p>Omg Orientation is $300 some dollars?! College is so expensive.</p>

<p>whats included in orientation for 300 bucks?</p>

<p>Dang, that is pretty expensive. UCLA seems to charge for a lot of stuff like that... College day cost $10...</p>

<p>"Does anyone know when the orientation sessions are?"</p>

<p>specific orientation dates have not been posted yet, but orientation lasts 3 days, 2 nights, and runs from july to august. i would recommend going to the earliest possible date so you can register for your classes before everyone else can. </p>

<p>"Are they worthwhile attending?"</p>

<p>YES. the orientation program is great, and very focused on transitioning into college life and into UCLA. </p>

<p>here's some other stuff you do at orientation:</p>

<li>get a taste of dorm life so you know what to bring in fall and what to expect</li>
<li>meet new people and make new friends</li>
<li>plan your courses/ choose your 1st quarter classes!!!</li>
<li>take some placement exams if any</li>
<li>find out requirements and stuff for your major</li>
<li>find out how many units you've transferred</li>
<li>get intro info to some majors... some departments also have open house</li>
<li>get questions answered by counselors</li>
<li>presentation on diversity</li>
<li>presentation on academic dishonesty</li>
<li>carpe noctum activity (scavenger hunt)</li>
<li>campus tour</li>
<li>club recruitment</li>
<li>counselors put on talent show (it was pretty good lol)</li>
<li>get general info on college-related stuff and ucla-related stuff (i.e. where resources are, what you use your bruincard for, other rules and regulationsetc etc.)</li>

<p>"whats included in orientation for 340 bucks?"</p>

<p>you're basically paying for 3 days of housing, plus your meals for all those days (3 meals a day i believe?). oh, and i think part of that money goes to pay for the orientation counselors' and staff's housing and meals too because i think they get to live for free as compensation for their volunteer work and training. </p>

<p>"Last - he's probably going to sign up for the UCLA Club Hockey program - anyone know if it's very popular or if many UCLA students attend the games?"</p>

<p>club hockey isn't really popular here (its southern california), but the club hockey team has been on the rise i've heard. they finished 1st in the regular pac-8 season and 3rd in the pac-8 tourney this year.</p>

<p>ucla club hockey: <a href="http://www.uclahockey.org/history.php%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.uclahockey.org/history.php&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>**EDIT: oops i dont think that's the link to CLUB hockey ... ill post it if i find one</p>

<p>"yes, he can take the analytical writing exam durng orientation sometime over the summer."</p>

<p>hmm i dont recall that happening?</p>

<p>mm okay here's an article about club hockey:
<a href="http://www.dailybruin.com/news/articles.asp?ID=32040%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.dailybruin.com/news/articles.asp?ID=32040&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>When do we sign up for orientation?</p>

<p>Can parents attend the orientation? or will can they have a 3 day holiday in LA as they would drive me there.</p>

<p>"When do we sign up for orientation?"</p>

<p>i think during late may or early june they will mail you stuff about orientation, and i think you can signup for it beginning the second week of june (cuz i remember my friend told me about it while we had graduation practice). i believe you sign-up ONLINE for it.</p>

<p>"Can parents attend the orientation?"</p>

<p>um.. there's actually something called a Parent Orientation LOL. it's optional though. but it's for parents who want to get to know more about UCLA. i think basically, they will get intros and info on academic requirements, services and education opportunities available at ucla, info fairs, student transitional experiences, campus tour, etc. it's kinda like a more in-depth campus visit. it's a 1-day orientation and costs $60 per person. </p>

<p>or they can just take a 3-day holiday.</p>

<p>thanks (actually the thanks is from my parents), they r going to have a 3 day holiday</p>

<p>Any Parents planning to attend the Parents orientation?</p>