Orientation placement test question (not what you might think I'm going to ask...)

<p>Hey, fellow 2014ers. When orientation signups began, I put myself down for the Math placement test. However, a month later, I received my AP scores and saw that I got a 5 on AP Calc AB and am thus exempt from having to take the test. How does that work? Do I just not show up or do I have to sign out of it, or what?</p>

<p>go to my.ucla.edu, click the orientation button, and you can change your status there. or you can just not show up.</p>

<p>Yupp you can not just show up, it doesn't really matter.</p>

<p>same thing for me but for BC...i didn't change anything and just not showed up</p>

<p>signing up doesnt really mean anything, your name isnt on a list or anything. I signed up and took the test and passed, but a lot of people who didnt even know about it took the test too, so no biggie</p>