Orientation questions (urgent!!)

<p>Hey, I'm in Orientation session 107 tomorrow (Aug. 10-12). What do I need to bring with me? I think I'm screwed because I didn't provide proof of my Hepatitis B immunizations. Please help! Thanks.</p>

<p>Edit: Only include things that I need for orientation alone not what I'll need before I become a student this fall.</p>

<p>toiletries, your confirmation, clothes for 3 days, maybe a sweater, and pretty much nothing else</p>

<p>a laptop is also useful for looking up classes and registering early (you're supposed to register with your OC, but since everyone's registration time is the same, you can save some angst by doing it yourself without hand-holding). </p>

<p>rieber comp lab gets all full, even though its reserved for orientation students</p>

<p>You don't need: towel, sheets, pillow, pens, or backpack, because these are all provided (well, not a backpack, but one of those drawstring packs you can wear on your back - I used it all orientation long).</p>

<p>I'd say bring toiletries, clothes, shoes for running (carpe noctem is an intense scavenger hunt the second night), laptop (bring an ethernet cord if you have one), and money in case you want to go shopping in the UCLA store. Money for meals is provided via your bruin card automatically. Also, if you shower with a washcloth or loufa or anythign like that, bring one, because you get a towel only from UCLA. Don't forget soap/shampoo. Have fun!</p>

<p>LOL make sure you bring a pen! the one's they give you are **** and wont write on glossy paper (youll have to write on this course planner thingy and itll suck with their pens).</p>

<p>you dont need a comp IMO. we didnt even sign up in the computer lab...we signed up in our counselor's room (he actually had 2 comps available).</p>


rieber comp lab gets all full, even though its reserved for orientation students


An exclusive advice:</p>

<p>Try this if it's full - - activate your account, and ask for a study room (if available). You and a friend can use a 42" Plasma TV as your monitor. Beat the crowd.</p>

<p>James is working after 10 on Sunday..... he should be nice enough to let you use it if you don't sound like a newb.</p>

<p>bring some walking shoes</p>

<p>Ahh, I don't have my Bruin Card yet...I haven't even sent in a picture!</p>

<p>dontcha, where can I find my confirmation?</p>

<p>you can get your bruin card tomorrow and someone will just swipe you into the building, when I went there were a few OCs swiping kids in</p>

<p>superyoon, you can find your confirmation by going to my.ucla.edu, signing in, then clicking on "orientation", which is in the left hand column under ACADEMIC. </p>

<p>Then click where it says "Click here for details about the reservation session." This is in the little orientation box.</p>

<p>Yeah, I didn't know where it was either at first. :)</p>

<p>oh yea, the rieber study rooms. damn you. i was planning to reserve them for my own nefarious purposes.</p>

<p>You can probably bring your own games and play in there. Just don't let the lab proctor see.</p>