Orientation Registration LSA V Honors?

<p>I was accepted into the Honors program a while ago, but I do not remember going through any process of accepting my spot. (Heck I just now enrolled at Umich in general!) and today I submitted my housing app which was the place where I was asked to check a box to indicate that I would be participating in Honors...which I did check. </p>

<p>However when I went to register for orientation it says that my academic unit is just LSA...I feel like the school likes to differentiate between LSA and LSA Honors, so I am too afraid to register until it is fixed. Is this a mistake that I should call the school to correct? Or should I just wait a few more days to let them change it when they see that I checked yes to Honors on my housing app? Did anyone else have this dilemma?</p>

<p>Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!</p>


<p>I recently just got accepted into Honors and I changed my orientation type by sending an email.</p>

<p>For your case though, you are supposed to EMAIL the Honors program and accept your spot! It should have said that in your acceptance email? I know it said that for mine. I would email them ASAP since my email said May 1st was the last day to respond… which is today.</p>

<p>After you accept a spot, an honors orientation option should open up?</p>

<p>In terms of your housing app, filling in Honors just lets them know that you want to live in South Quad. They will then have to contact Honors to confirm that you are in the program… it doesn’t have much to do with “Accepting your offer.”</p>