orientation reminder-preordering textbooks

<p>I just remembered...they will ask you if you want to preorder your textbooks from the University bookstore (Barnes and Noble) while you are there.
Even if you want the service,there's no reason to do it already,you can preorder through the VIP online anytime before classes start.That way,if you change your schedule you arent tied up with the preorder.
Its a convenient service and many entering freshman do it.Be advised,S preordered first semester,marked "used" in his preferences but was bundled with new and new prices,being told "used" wasn't available.
Second semester, he did his own shopping for books,using that bookstore, other bookstores in the area ,buying one book oline,and buying privately.</p>

<p>Be prepared to be bowled over by the price of textbooks!!!</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. We got the brochure today on pre-ordering texts and S is going for orientation Thursday. We will hold off on the books for now. Info is starting to come in...got a large booklet on Greek recruitment and a brochure about the student alumni association!</p>

<p>Cathymee, I've been reading these posts since January. My daughter will be attending USC in the fall as a McNair Scholar. I wanted to thank you for all of your advice ... it has been invaluable.</p>

<p>catymee, thanks so much for continuing to post information. My daughter and I will be at orientation on Thursday and I plan on posting my thoughts upon my return. Being from the NE and the weather being in the 90's Wednesday and Thursday do you have any idea what proper dress code would be for orientation?</p>

<p>nogimmies...dress for comfort...heat and humidity and lots of walking around.Orientation is informal.If airconditioning bothers you,you might want a layer for indoors.Its handy to carry some kind of backpack or bag to hold all the info they'll be handing out,and to bring a small umbrella just in case.It tends to rain at random times according to my S.
If you're planning a nicer dinner stop,the area residents do tend to dress up a bit more for dinner than we may be used to in the NE.Have a great time and come back and tell us all about your experiences.
Nannan...thanks! I hope your D had a chance to meet my S at the McNair weekend, he volunteered at the reception at the Inn at USC and at the Strom.I hope she has a great freshman year experience as he did.Such a great combination of learning,things to do,great people,great weather,fun activities.
Is she living in Maxcy?He just loved his time there.</p>

<p>cathymee, my D put Maxcy as her 1st choice. She loves the idea of being right off the Horseshoe. I'm not sure if we met your son during the McNair weekend. We went to the reception at the Inn but my D didn't go to the Strom Center that evening ... she wasn't feeling well that weekend.</p>

<p>Son and Husband reporting in from orientation last night: They went down a day early and were able to go ahead and get S's Carolina Card made. Apparently that is in the Russell House, right next to the post office, where S located his PO Box that's been assigned for fall. Visited bookstore, where they are accepting pre-registrations for books. They also attended the ice cream and lemonade event in Capstone lobby. S enjoyed finding out info about Chemistry classes from one of the upperclassmen who was helping with the ice cream. They are staying at the Hampton Inn on Harbison Road - said traffic was slow getting from campus out to hotel, so allow extra time if anyone plans to stay there. Today is the official orientation, so I'll be eager to hear from them about how it goes!</p>