Orientation Session One!

<p>It was a lot of fun!! Whoever’s going to the others should be excited :)</p>

<p>I can't wait. What did you do there?</p>

<p>They literally have something for you to do every second of thursday. you to go a lot of boring powerpoints and presentations about various tools on campus like safety, dining halls, career services, blah blah blah. but at night there's a bu musical and fun things to do. then friday you just have breakfast and get your terrier cards.</p>

<p>Orientation was amazing. Except for like the 8 presentations about the Howard Thurman Center and/or Campus Safety. Everyone should do Common Ground on Wednesday, not because you learn your way around Boston, but because it's nice to know people outside your pre-determined orientation group if you get bored being around the same people all day.</p>

<p>But it seriously was awesome. And the FitRec (the huge gym) is amazing in every way. Just seeing it made me want to work out, and I hate working out.</p>

<p>The BUWA (the writing assesment) wasn't too hard. Don't stress: you'll probably get placed into WR100. Only people who get 5/5 from both graders will get into WR150 right away, and like nobody gets that, so don't freak out. (I got a 3.5 on it, and am in WR100, so take that as you will.)</p>

<p>Edit: Yeah, on Thursday night, after the Student Advisers put on a skit (which is awesome), they organize a bunch of stuff for you to do in the GSU: there was a mechanical bull, Guitar Hero, the Celtics game was on a big screen, a dance party, an adult spelling bee, and a comedian. It was awesome.</p>

<p>(Also, they're not kidding when they told you to bring a fan. Even when it's cool outside the rooms, it's still pretty stifling inside.)</p>

<p>A Fan Is A Must.</p>

<p>This next week will be cooler. Check the weather forecast.</p>

<p>Oh I feel sooooo bad for the kids who forget to bring their fans. The rooms turn into ovens in the summer. I remember it being in the low 70's outside, and about 88 in my room. Without a fan, it would have been unbearable.</p>

<p>where do we check in when we get on campus?</p>

<p>and do we stay with another person in the room?</p>

<p>you check in at rich hall in west campus. </p>

<p>and yes, everyone has a roomate.</p>

<p>ah...that's not a long walk from the admissions office, is it?</p>

<p>the walk from admissions is from one end of campus to the other. I guess it's "long" (maybe 15 min) but I mean if you're going to BU come prepared to walk.. a lot</p>

<p>how do they pick the roommates?</p>

<p>do they pick roommates randomly?</p>

<p>Pretty much. Whoever you room with depends at what time you arrive.</p>