<p>Son noticed that the Summer/Fall 2012 orientation registration link is up but is freaking out because it says that he's not eligible because he hasn't been admitted. He checked the email that he received in October that says "Congratulations again on your admittance to the University of Alabma" then outlines the steps necessary for housing and orientation. The email stated that information about orientation will go out in January, we never received anything. Has anyone else had the same issue or have you been able to register? </p>

<p>Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>We have the same situation as you do lovemykids2 and have paid D's reg and housing fees. She is definitely admitted.</p>

<p>This is the message: Freshmen and transfer students who have been admitted to UA for the summer/fall 2012 semester may register for Bama Bound. Our records indicate that you are not admitted as a Freshmen or Transfer student for summer/fall 2012.</p>

<p>Has anyone been able to sign up for Bama Bound?</p>

<p>Will go try now</p>

<p>I only see Summer 12 registration -- my daughter is Fall 12, which I don't see yet... That was from UA website (Bama Bound) -- I do see what you are talking about on the mybama site, but I think that is still for Summer 2012 -- not Fall yet -- thus I get the same "not eligible". I spoke with Honors College about Alabama Action yesterday, and they thought it would be a while before Bama Bound Fall 12 registration was ready. By the way, we did send off the Alabama Action form (and $$) -- Daughter decided she wanted to do that vice Outdoor Action.. Reason she gave was she noticed that some of the participants went back during the year and tutored or helped some of the students they met.</p>

<p>Same thing for me.</p>

<p>same here but I did notice that the parent orientation says it will be open Monday 2/6 so I think they are just setting up the pages but we can't access them yet :)</p>

<p>I see the dates and the schedule, but the page with the registration just states that it will be available early February. There is not a place to actually sign up yet.</p>

<p>Linnylu and all, thank you for checking, son is now much calmer, so am I! </p>

<p>My husband said that it may be that the admitted student file hasn't been synced with the orientation file. Hopefully we'll be able to register on Monday. </p>

<p>BamaAF, we see Summer/Fall 2012 on the website. No worries, it seems that UA might be getting the whole thing set up over the weekend so that we can begin registering next week.</p>

<p>lovemykids2 wrote </p>

<p>"BamaAF, we see Summer/Fall 2012 on the website. No worries, it seems that UA might be getting the whole thing set up over the weekend so that we can begin registering next week"</p>

<p>Yeah, see what you mean on the mybama site -- first place I checked was the Bama Bound section of the UA site, and they just had a statement that it wasn't ready yet for Fall.</p>

<p>You are probably right, will be ready next week. Will try to jump on it early as we need the late May early Jun -- to free up rest of Summer :)</p>

<p>I booked a hotel room for an early June session so I really want to make sure that son gets those dates. Graduation is June 2 so I know that he'll want to be here the following weekend because there will be lots of graduation parties, however, he's been told that he must get a summer job this year so I'd like to get orientation out of the way so that he won't have to take time off. </p>

<p>4 short months to go!!!!</p>