<p>I wonder if CU will have those silly socializing games like the cliched take-off-a-shoe-throw-it-in-a-pile-and-find-someone-elses kind of thing</p>

<p>Does anyone know of any orientation traditions?</p>

<p>I'm kinda hoping my roomate turns out to be a massive psycho for some reason. I just got some greenday tickets for 9/01 at Giants Stadium NJ (I live in SoCal) so I guess I'll be taking my roomate during orientation. I'm SOO excited!</p>

<p>i know that during orientation the freshman have to look for something on a statue ...... and also i have been told that orientation will work for person who are readily open to other people.</p>

<p>Hey Painted are u a guy or a girl. I'll be your roommate for greenday tickets!!!!!</p>

<p>I'm a girl! I'd be happy to have you as a roomate!</p>

What housing did u request?
What kind of music do u like?
What kind of person are you socially?
Are you messy or tidy?</p>

<p>I requested LLC Double as my first choice.
I like all types of music. But some of the most common on my playlist are Damien Rice, The White Stripes, Green Day, Kanye West, Bright Eyes, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and the Postal Service.
Socially, I like a balance. I like to party but I also like to chill and hang out or catch a movie.
I have to be honest: I am a bit messy. But I can adjust.</p>

<p>P.S. Im from Chicago. Chi-town!!!!(pronounced shy-town)</p>

<p>i think they have an upper west side scavenger hunt, which sounds fun. At days on campus apparently they had one relating to the campus, but that sounded boring. Roaming around the upper west side for stuff sounds fun though</p>

<p>I asked for Carmen Coed first, JJ second. </p>

<p>My music tastes are REALLY broad. My friend was fiddling with my ipod and said "WTH? You have the Carpenters AND Marilyn Manson." My favorites are the Doors, Led Zep, Stones, The WHite Stripes, Ani Difranco, Green Day...too many to mention but I think I said "heavy metal" on the form in order to avoid having to live with someone who's going to blast Garth Brooks or Nsync in our room...hehe I would have to throw the stereo out the window.</p>

<p>Socially, I love the nerds and badasses. (A badass nerd is hard to find, but they're awesome to hang with)</p>

<p>Very messy...and almost an insomniac. I think I'll be neater in college though. I'm very neat with certain things. </p>

<p>I'm from Orange County, California (woohoo...yeah I'm happy to leave. VERY happy) I'm not just from the OC, but specifically the city of Irvine. If you know anything about Irvine you know why some of us call it "the bubble." It's like people here aren't aware that there is life outside these manicured garden walls. </p>

<p>Anywho... see you in NYC!!!!!</p>