<p>Are the dates out yet? if not when do they come out? I want to get some cheap plane tickets.</p>

<p>Just yesterday I read on my NEU account that orientation starts on September 1st. However, I, along with other international students, will have to begin orientation on August 30th, so the move-in date is 29th.</p>

<p>^That's probably a separate orientation for international students.</p>

<p>The other orientations take place throughout the summer.</p>

<p>go into your NEU account they just announced the dates of June 28-29 and one is August as well. You can register there for which ever one you prefer.</p>

<p>i went onto my NEU account and they had three separate dates:
June 21-22
July 19-20
August 16-17</p>

<p>Do students stay on campus during Orientation?</p>

<p>my daughter is in the nursing program, didn't even think but of course the dates of orientation differ depending on the major. I believe the students do stay on campus and it is optional for the guests with a cost of $45 per guest. Does that sound right to anyone else? thanks</p>

<p>Orientation dates differ by college. And yes, guests have the option to stay overnight on campus. All the students spend the night in a freshmen dorm.</p>

<p>Welcome</a> to Northeastern!
Students must stay on campus, it is optional for parents.</p>

<p>Went to S's orientation 4 yrs ago, at that time parents who chose to stay on campus were housed in West Village while students were in the traditional freshman dorms. This was one of the hottest weeks that summer. S was very jealous because not only was I in WV, but I also had air conditioning!</p>

<p>hi I'm an international student and the dates offered for my orientation were June 28 and Aug 2. I'm a little confused though. Are these dates seperate from the move-in date? I'm aware classes start around Sept 2, so does this mean that if I was to attend the Aug 2 orientation, I would be moving into the dorms, or does it mean I would only be there for a night in the dorms, and then have to move to a hotel in boston till class starts in Sept? thanks in advance!</p>

<p>you should contact the admissions office. we went to an admitted students reception and were told that all international students are invited to the last orientation so they can move in all at once. ask them, perhaps they made a mistake.</p>