<p>What do you guys think about the orientation for incoming freshmen, do you think it's worth going to besides for meeting people? I know it's great for meeting people, but other than that is it really informative and/or useful? I read somewhere that the advising/counseling at orientation is almost useless, and I feel like although the sessions could be informative, it won't be any more informative than browsing through VT's website. Anyone have insight?</p>

<p>I'm gonna add another question to your thread. Looks like I was able to get seats for the first orientation. Does this mean I'll be able to choose classes before the majority of the new students?</p>

<p>I think it's worth going to. You get to fill out your schedule and get your student ID and everything. It was pretty informative too, I think.</p>

<p>Awilly: Yes you will, but that isn't as important as you'd think because they reserve a certain number of seats in each class for each orientation group.</p>

<p>The first day of orientation was thoroughly useless for me, it consisted of a large number of ice breaker and bonding activities (as well as speeches and stuff), which seemed out of place considering you're only with your group for a couple of hours. I understand the idea is to acclimatize yourself to the school, but it wasn't executed very well. The second day was much more useful, in that I got the chance to get a lot of stuff done.</p>

<p>The first day was boring. The first night, though...</p>