<p>Any input on orientation from someone who just got back.</p>

<p>We were at orientation last Thursday and Friday and it was well worth it. We met key people from departments such as housing and dining, security, student services, etc. I feel I have a real good feel for how the university works, important dates and events for academic success, etc. I came away with the feeling that everyone who works at AU is really there for our kids success and they are acutely aware of the money that we are spending to send our kids there. And, they hire the most awesome people. Au is very different than any other college I have experienced.</p>

<p>One of the most important sessions was about the security measures in place to protect our kids. Instead of some universities where they try to hide the drinking and drug problem, AU brings it out in the open and discusses how they deal with and discourage it. They take the same philosophy we do at our house, "We don't care what time of day or night, if you feel you need a ride back to campus, they will send a taxi, no questions asked." If you feel your roommate or friend is in danger because of alcohol, they will send help, no repercussions to the caller. If your student is in trouble on the streets, anywhere, they just need to enter a PIN in their cell phone and their pic and profile comes up with GPS locations, and help is sent right away.</p>

<p>My son is opting out of College English 1 and 2 because of AP credit. The reference librarians were very helpful and told him to come and visit them the first two weeks so he could learn about the library databases and how to access them. </p>

<p>The Assoc Dean of his school told us that if he is ever unsure of anything, who to go to, where to seek academic help, feeling overwhelmed, etc, her door is always open. The acdemic advisor told them the same thing. We discussed where he would like to intern and how to accomplish 2 majors and 2 minors.</p>

<p>Most importantly, my son got a good taste of the expectations of the university. He initiated the alcohol conversation in the car on the way home and we talked about that and other things from orientation for the first hour of the ride. He also talked about the contracts that roomates are expected to draw up and started to think about what's needed to get along with a roomate. He also met many of the kids who will be on his floor.</p>

<p>I highly recommend going to orientation with your student. I think it was well worth it and would be happy to answer questions.</p>