<p>I am a transfer student and sir'd to UCR and i'm pretty excited to attend in the fall but I haven't gotten any info about orientation is anyone else in the same boat or is this just me?</p>

<p>BEAR facts orientation starts June 30th for incoming freshman I'm not sure for transfer students but I would call if I were you.</p>

<p>transfer got to orientation in august it called something else though</p>

<p>The transfer orientation is called "Bear Tracks." UC Riverside's snail mail system will inform you regarding the orientation, and other transfer information during late July/August.</p>

<p>You'll love it here</p>

<p>I was a transfer student as well. I loved my first year at UCR</p>

<p>It says the two sessions in aug are already full and the two in Sept say something about CHASS and SoBA only? Does that mean any transfer student can attend??</p>

<p>I as well was a transfer student. I was indifferent towards UCR, I did not love it, nor I did hate it. The remaining two sessions in September are for transfer students who were accepted into the CHASS college or SoBA college. Do you know which college you were accepted into? If not, please indicate your major and we will assist you in figuring out your college and/or bear tracks session.</p>