<p>so i just received my orientation stuff and im curious how the weekend goes. oh and im a transfer student to the college of human ecology (PAM)</p>

<p>i get that friday is pretty chill with move-in and stuff, not a bunch of scheduled events</p>

<p>but it looks like all of saturday is filled with required activities. how required are these? do you sign in or something? i would definitely like to stop by most, if not all of them, but some are super long. my human ecology meeting looks like its from 10:30am-3:00pm. is it more just like general walk-through with information? </p>

<p>my bf is coming with me to help me move-in (i dont have any family) and so we would like to spend time together over the weekend. can he come with me to the orientation stuff on friday and saturday? we are thinking about changing his flight so he leaves sunday (right not he's scheduled to leave saturday morning). </p>

<p>any advice/suggestions/input would be really appreciated :)</p>

<p>Well, required stuff is required. Those events give items or information that all students (or students in a particular group) need.</p>

<p>When I read thru D's info, I believe I saw where family was included. Since your bf is your family, I don't see why he couldn't come along. I am planning to go to all D's events that allow family. I'm sure Cornell understands that since most of the student body is from out of town that family will be there for this weekend</p>