Ostracized if Not Committing to a Frat Life?

<p>how much do you miss out on if you are not into the whole fraternity experience, but just want to do your own thing—study, play in a band (not marching), party w/friends who are either in frats or not, hit the gym and take advantage of a great educational opportunity. Nothing against frats, just a little more introverted and mature in orientation.</p>

<p>Only half of students go greek, so don't think you have to join a frat to have a social life. There are lots of other school affiliated things to do, and of course you can still have parties, go out, etc with non-greek friends.</p>

<p>FWIW, I think joining a frat limits your social life somewhat. I found that girls who joined sororities still had friends in other sororities and non-greeks, but men who joined frats tended to stick with their frat in terms of friendship.</p>

<p>Another thing to consider is that rush is not until sophomore year, so there is plenty of time to develop friendships before people join greek organizations.</p>