OSU Culture

I am looking for opinions about general atmosphere at OSU. Pre-history is: DD 21 was content with the prospects of attending one of the two Christian colleges (Harding or Abilene Christian). The main reasons for that choice were: she is easily influenced and she needs Christian atmosphere to keep her grounded (not just my opinion, she used to agree with that), there are people she knows from church at both schools (both are kind of an extension of our community) and both have good speech therapy programs. Over the summer she apparently changed her mind. Now she wants real Greek life at OSU (where her friend of less than a year is a freshman), not just social groups that other two schools offer. OSU was never on the radar and I am just trying to figure out what kind of college it is and if it is even worth looking at (especially now when we can’t really do a college visit). We are in Texas, so cost-wise all three may be about the same (don’t expect any aid at OSU, probably qualify for some grants at the other two), but money is definitely a consideration. I’ll be honest, I don’t like what I have read so far and my husband (OSU grad) is dead against it, but we do know people who went there and had a decent experience recently and I just want to give it a fair consideration. So, any insights are greatly appreciated!

Assuming that you are taking about Oklahoma State University not Ohio State, but it really doesn’t matter. Large universities are like cities, the variance within the university is greater than the variance across. You will find good people and “bad” people. The smaller friend group will be a much greater impact on her than the university as a whole. You can fall into a “ bad” set of friends anywhere.

Yes, it is Oklahoma State. Sorry for the confusion. I do agree that you can find a bad crowd anywhere, but I feel like the chances for that would be lower at a smaller Christian college than at a large school that seems to have a reputation of a party school. So, I am just trying to figure out if this reputation is correct.

Seems like it is not so much the general atmosphere, but specifically the sorority life at OSU that matters (good, bad, or otherwise), since that is what attracts her to that school. Different sororities at the same campus may also have differences.

If the concern is about partying or drinking, participation in sororities and fraternities is associated with higher levels of college drinking.

I am not sure which sorority it is. I assume it is which ever one her friend joined. Honestly, there’s so much bad publicity about Greek life these days, I am apprehensive about any of them.

Ha, I was thinking either Ohio State or Oregon State, since I’m here on the West Coast.

Either way, the chances are higher that your student will find a party at a large public. My own D attends UMich and while there are plenty of parties (pre-pandemic) there too, I’ve always told my D that I showed her the right path, but she alone has to walk it.

I know four students at OSU and they are some of the nicest kids I know. The two female students are in sororities and are not partiers. I think plenty of kids go to large state schools and have a very full academic and social life that doesn’t involve too much partying.