OSU Nursing

<p>I am a junior in high school interested in OSU’s nursing program. I am out of state (from New England) with a 4.0 GPA, top 8% of my class, and scored a 2100 on the SAT’s. However, I am unclear on how the nursing track works at the school.</p>

<p>A little background: OSU does not have a direct track nursing program for undergrads. Instead, students enter the pre-nursing major, and before their sophomore year apply to the nursing program. About 55% of pre-nursing students are admitted to the program, others must transfer campuses / schools or select a new major. However, if you are accepted to the OSU honors program and select the pre-nursing major, you are guaranteed admission to the OSU nursing program. </p>

<p>My question is: Once you complete the pre-nursing program, are you placed in the regular nursing program, or are you still on an honors track? (Personally, I would not like to be on an honors track for all 4 years).</p>

<p>Any current students / alum / people who feel they could help, please let me know! Thanks so much.</p>