Hello everyone!
I need info on Oregon State University. I visited their campus and absolutely loved it! I’m going into Mechanical Engineering and I want more information if this school is considered to be a really good school compared to a UC. As a student from California, I want to assured that I’m getting a good education. I’m not confident that I won’t get into any UC I applied to.
So what is the pros and cons of OSU. Will I be able to have a good college experience while receiving a great education?
My current plan is to attend OSU and then go to a UC for a Masters degree.

I would check the residency policies of the UC’s to assure you will not pay OOS tuition if you attend OSU. Why not consider one of the better CSU’s as well? Finally, many universities have a combination BSE/MSE 5 year program which would save you a year, and I don’t know how much of an additional benefit you would receive from OSU vs a UC master’s degree (would depend on the UC as well). If you are considering a Ph.D., going to a UC like Cal or UCLA will give you a significant benefit.

At this point, I’m a bit too late to apply for CSU’s. The financial portion of it is not of my current concern. I’m currently waiting for Irvine, Davis, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. I fear that I won’t be accepted to any of these schools. I love OSU with a deep passion but my actual concern is being about to get a good education and end up with a nice paying job to avoid any struggling.

But can your family afford the OOS costs for OSU? That’s $45K/year. http://financialaid.oregonstate.edu/review_costofattendance If that’s not a problem all well and good. Otherwise it does little good to get into the school if you can’t afford it.

OSU is a fine school and surrounded by a neat community - not worth the OOS price IMHO but, a fine school and a great college environment.

If you are really in contention for all those UCs, you won’t have any trouble getting in - though that sounds to be in doubt.

If you are OK with the $45k tuition bill, you might want to begin exploring other options before their application window closes. I don’t know your stats but, I believe Santa Clara, UNR and Boise State are among the western schools still accepting applications for Fall 16 .

Good luck.

To put this into perspective, if you took the $50K additional cost of OSU over UCI and invested it a retirement account earning an average return of 7% after inflation (the long term after inflation historic stock market return) for 50 years (age 20 to 70) you would have more than enough to fund your entire retirement for an average person (about $1.35 million).

This may not be applicable to you for a variety of reasons, but if you are a full pay student from a middle class family I would favor the lower cost option.

I was denied admissions to UC Davis. This is making it more likely that I will go to OSU. I would much rather be at a school where I’d enjoy being at. Santa Clara, Boise State, and a few others didn’t make me feel comfortable. At this point, all I can ask completely: What are the Pros and Cons of OSU as an engineering major?