Other colleges can see where you've applied??

<p>I just read on a thread here that when you file a FAFSA, every single college you applied to can see where else you're applying to!! Is that true because if it is THATS VERY BAD i applied to like 8 colleges!!! INCLUDING SOME IVIES! AHHH</p>

<p>There have been many posts about this, and there have been many answers. Some very knowledgeable folks (including fin aid officers on this forum) say they all can see each other, and some equally knowledgeable folks (including FAFSA folks) say they can't. In any event, don't worry, all colleges know that students apply to many schools.</p>

<p>At schools like the ivies, that are need blind in the admissions process admissions and financial aid are handled separately so even if the financial aid people see where else you are applying it will have no bearing on the admissions decision. </p>

<p>By the same token, if you have applied to Harvard where families with incomes under 80k pay no tuition and Podunk U where the financial aid plan is not as generous, is it really going to make a difference as podunk will not be in the postion to offer a package as generous as Harvards.</p>