Other Schools?

<p>I was wondering what other schools you guys were appyling to if you are applying to any other schools..</p>

<p>of course i'm applying to other schools...i'm not that confidant.
well here is the list: brown, penn, harvard, william and mary, northwestern, vanderbilt, and ufl...i think that is all of them!</p>

<p>UChicago:D, Cornell, Brown, Tufts, not sure where else</p>

<p>Wellesley, Duke, and THE Ohio State University!</p>

<p>that's cool. I'm also applying to brown, tufts, harvard, upenn, columbia, duke, georgetown, and tulane</p>

<p>also applying: dartmouth, princeton, harvard, stanford, uiuc and Wheaton (IL). If I don't get into yale or one of the first three on this list, I iwll probably go to wheaton.</p>

<p>andi's son applying to Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Swarthmore Tufts and Oberlin</p>

<p>Applying to Univ of Florida, Columbia, Penn, Harvard, Northwestern, Cornell, NYU</p>

<p>UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Davidson, Cornell, Harvard, UPenn</p>

<p>Penn, Columbia, Cornell, Tufts, Wash U, Northwestern, NYU, BU, and Purdue (I WAS ALREADY ACCEPTED!!!!)</p>

<p>Princeton, Duke, U of P, Duke, Wash U --> whether I;m accepted or not</p>

<p>if not, I'm working on a list but now I have: Tufts, UNC, UVA, UMIch (honors)</p>