OU and Biological Science

<p>First, let me say we are very behind in our college journey (it's been a rough year for the family). My very bright, soon to be senior son is interested in biological sciences (as of right now he's interested in marine ecotoxicology for grad school later on). We visited my brother this summer in Gainesville and unofficially toured U of F--he loved the feel of the campus (kind of suburban setting). But we live in Ohio and will probably need to stay in state as we've lost a large amount of our income this year.
We've done no official tours, only a drive around of Ohio State (son didn't like how it was right in town) and Kenyon (way too rural and seems all about literature, although one of his science teachers had told him it had a good science rep). He looked at OU Athens online but thought it sounded from the student chats like he may not be challenged enough. He's got a 4.3 gpa, 3rd in his class of 400+, but only a 29 ACT (he get the answers right but runs out of time on standardized tests--just doesn't read that fast). But he's also a social guy, so that part of OU seems good.
Any serious OU biology students (or their parents) advice would be greatly appreciated!</p>