OU Honors Tutorial vs Ohio State vs Miami Honors

Hi everyone. Our daughter’s really stuck in her choice of college right now. She’s been offered admission into Ohio University’s Honors Tutorial (HTC) program in History, which comes with a full tuition scholarship. However, she’s accrued 48 credit hours in college classes already through CC+, and HTC requires a four-year commitment, meaning she couldn’t graduate early. All her CC+ courses were taken at OU, so she would enter college with a pretty stout 4.0 GPA cushion.

The big problem? She’s not certain she wants to pursue a history degree. So far, she has a tentative desire to teach, but she’s also very interested in the idea of becoming a clinical psychologist. In other words: she’s 17, and hasn’t figured everything out quite yet. The HTC program is immersive and intensive, and while it’s conceivable she could change her major, there’s not another HTC program that captures her fancy right now. (They don’t offer psychology through HTC). Now, she could double major in a non-HTC program, but I think that idea is a little overwhelming to her.

She’s also been accepted into OSU and Miami’s Honors program. Both schools would accept her transfer credits, though not her GPA. She could choose to graduate in three years if she wanted and have more freedom with regards to nailing down a major. Miami would be about $3,500 less/year than OSU, thanks to a more generous merit scholarship. Miami would still be a little more expensive than OU, even going three years vs. four, because of OU’s full-tuition promise (she would stay in the dorm at least that first year, to get a full college experience, though we live in Athens).

The last wrinkle: OU’s in our backyard, OSU’s 90 minutes away and Miami is 3+ hours away.

Any comments or specific experiences would be wonderful. I know OU’s reputation has taken a hit of late, though I think their HTC program is still very well regarded. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve read of Miami’s Honors program, and obviously, OSU’s alumni network can’t be beat. Thank you so much for your help!

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I cannot speak to any school but Miami. My FD is a PF in the honors program and part of the UASP which is the precursor to what is now the Prodesse Scholars. She has loved her honors experience. Honors advisors are great. The honors classes are challenging, but in a good way. She is pushing herself taking honors classes outside her major. She is on the Honors Board. The program is being revamped and will be better than ever. The honors dorms will move and only be honors students. Before a non-honors could room with honors. Honors offices will also be close by.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’ve just looked up the new honors dorms at Miami and am floored! So much nicer than what I was expecting. It’s great to hear she’s thriving in her environment! I’m pretty impressed with Miami thus far.

I love Miami so much. A public school that feels much more like a private school. The campus is just beautiful too. My FD loves the walkability. Uptown is a great little area more like what people usually call downtown. They walk there on Saturday mornings for the Farmer’s Market. Some evenings for dinner. They can walk to Kroger, Goodwill and TJMaxx or take a bus. Trails next to campus too. As far as alumni network, Miami’s is incredible. Google about their stats for CEO’s. Recent news and not so recent…Miami grad wrote Biden’s inauguration speech. Miami grad just named new head of USGA. Miami grad President of company that developed special lens for the Mars landing. A Miami grad is CEO of Chipotle. Miami grad is Governor of Ohio. List goes on and on. We are from the South and knew very little of Miami, but once you start learning about it, it is impressive! Such a rich history. My FD is now a campus tour guide and is loving that job! AND don’t even get me started on the gazillion extracurriculars!

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Your post caught my eye simply because S21 is considering Miami.

Would your daughter be able to be admitted to a master’s program at OU and take those courses her Junior and Senior years so that if she has to be there for 4 years, she comes out with a Master’s degree in addition to the Bachelors. She could get a master’s in secondary education or psychology (or whatever she thinks she wants to do around her mid-sophomore year time. She’d be able to garner a higher salary wherever she went. Just a thought.

It is one thing that is making MIami get higher on the college list for us. S21 also admitted to Honors program and the idea that he could automatically get into a dual degree program makes it very appealing. He doesn’t have as many transfer credits, but enough to only extend his time by a semester to come out with a Master’s degree.

Plus, 3 hours away seems like a sweet spot distance depending on your daughter. Miami would be 5 hours and a bit which is fine. Better than 5 hours by plane with no direct flights which is the case with son’s top choice.

Good luck!

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It sounds amazing! Thank you for telling me about the success of Miami’s grads…I had no idea. I also like that the campus is very walkable. We’re going for a visit this Wednesday and hope to get a better feel for Oxford. I appreciate your input!

Hi @Mom2SandG! I believe she could take graduate level coursework during her time at OU, though not earn an actual Master’s degree. (She could double major in psych, though, or get her teaching certificate concurrently with HTC.) Another reason why I’m intrigued by Miami…those combined programs sound amazing! Thank you so much for chiming in. I agree 3 hours is enough to feel independent, but not too terrible for visiting. I’m sorry your son is facing a tougher time of getting back home!

Enjoy your tour! My FD doesn’t do Wednesday tours.
Regarding credits, I believe the guaranteed merit scholarships are renewable four years and can be used if you start your Masters in that time frame. Check on that! Glad to answer any questions that I can.

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That’s awesome regarding Master’s work! Thank you so much again. I’ll definitely reach out if we have any questions. :blush:

Unless there are some seriously special circumstances, one should
The 4 college years will be the best and most unique years of her life.

She will be on a full ride, so the costs won’t matter - it’s a LUXURY to explore,
take other classes, maybe get another major (or 2).

Congrats - she has an AWESOME chance to really make use of her time at a GREAT

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I would agree. There are exceptions, of course. I’m sure those who could have graduated in 2019 and started a job instead of continuing to May 2020 might be one of those exceptions. If there is a cost issue, of course. My nephew graduated a year early because he already had a killer job offer. Save my sister $35K. Apart from that, there is no rush to get into the workforce where you will be for the next 45-50 years.

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I’d only agree re:covid year and only if the kids NEEDS to work to take care of the family.
In all other cases … spend the money … stay in school … take more classes …
(If you love you college situation of course)

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Thank you @dimkin and @Mom2SandG. As someone who didn’t have that kind of idyllic college experience, this was important to hear. I think we have this perception that she’d be “wasting” those college credits if they didn’t help reduce the cost/time investment of her college life, but there’s something to be said for college being a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ought to be savored.

She wouldn’t be “wasting” them. In my view it’s all nice and dandy to have AP credits,
but College is usually much harder than HS. (with exceptions … Exeter I hear is harder than
most colleges). So placing out of some core classes throws you into the “deep end” into harder classes which some kids can and some cannot handle. I always recommend that if the kid have even the slightest doubt about his/her/theirs mastery of the material to NOT place out and take the college course instead - it’s better for the GPA and takes some pressure off.