OU Medical Humanities Scholars program

My S got an invitation to visit OU as a finalist for the Medical Humanities Scholars program. Does anyone know what the interviews are like on campus?

@igeorge Around 30 minutes of interview by MHSP Director (Dr. Tracy) and a member from OU SOM Admissions Committe, traditional interview (and not MMI).

You can also reach out to OU to customize any other things you want to do, like attending NMS office presentation or attending a class or tour of the campus etc.

You will get an opportunity to meet the current MHSP students during lunch which is provided by OU.

24 students are interviewed and may be 10-12 are offered and around 6 or so will matriculate.

In general for info related to any BS/MD programs, you may want to visit this area in CC and this particular thread.


Thank you @GoldenRock

Decisions are out. Got waitlisted.