OU or Texas Tech?

Hey ya’ll, I have been accepted to both schools and I don’t which one is best one for me. I live in North Texas so I live close to OU but I don’t think I can get in-state tuition, but I love the social life of OU and I want to go to a college that is diverse with people from many places, and is close to a exciting city and from my research OU provides that to me. And Texas Tech is really fun and I would get in-state tuition obviously. However, Lubbock, Texas seems really boring, and a lot of people who live in my city are going to Tech and I don’t want to go someplace where I am surrounded with the people I already grew up with.

If finance is not an issue (OU will cost you more by $70k for 4 years) then go for OU/ Unless there is some specific area of interest you are planning to major favors one school over the other. Do you anticipate to get any need / merit aid in OU? Do you know what you are planning to major at this point of time?

I want to major in nursing and both schools have good programs but finance is a major issue for me since I come from a low-class family. I will probably get some merit aid from OU and Tech but it is only about 5000 dollars. I guess I just can’t go to OU because of the out-of-state tuition.

Are you NMF? If so, then OU gives good aid. Did you apply to Tulsa which also may be closer to your home base and may give aid. Otherwise you may have to stick with Texas Tech.

Last year I was a high school senior considering both Texas Tech and Oklahoma. I ended up choosing Oklahoma because it consistently ranked above Texas Tech in academic rankings, as well as it is, in my opinion, more known in the business world than Texas Tech, especially if you are planning to work outside of the Oklahoma/Texas region.

It’s likely your financial aid package will make the decision for you. However if you can afford it without parent debt, I’d recommend OU since its environment is better.

OU isn’t that diverse and Norman is not much different than Lubbock. Both are pretty bland college towns that pretty much revolve around the big university and its entitled drunk wild college students and alumni. I guarantee you most of the DWIs in Norman and Lubbock happens on the weekends near the universities … not much else to do outside of studying and drinking.

And Tech is pretty big so it’s easy to avoid people you know. And also a lot of people in North Texas leave the state (and in-state tuition) to attend OU. To me OU and Tech are very similar, except Tech is slightly more diverse and OU has a bigger sports following. Also OU attracts more out of state students than Tech, Tech is definitely very much Texas filled!

Maybe you can do one school for undergrad and the other in grad, best of both worlds.


It depends if you can afford to go out of state. They do offer tuition waivers, but if you can get that at OU, you can often get a partial scholarship at Texas Tech. You’re better off at Texas Tech.