OU vs KU music program

<p>Im considering vocal performance at KU and OU. Does anyone know anything about either of these schools that could persuade me either way?</p>

<p>Which OU. THere are at least 3.</p>

<p>Try posting in the Music major forum (lots of vocal performance experts there)</p>

<p>KU has an excellent music program and the town is one of the best college towns around. Kids from all over the world attend KU. It not a hick college. Just go visit and you can see yourself.</p>

<p>I have a friend who's really, really into music and according to him, OU (assuming you mean University of Oklahoma) has a solid music program. I'm not sure about KU.</p>

<p>If we are talking about Oklahoma, I'm not sure about their music program in general but their vocal program is not very good. Oklahoma City University is much better for that.</p>

<p>Yea, my friend that I reffered to isn't into vocal music at all(just about everything else but vocal). So Erin's Dad is probably right about their vocal music program.</p>