Our America with Lisa Ling

<p>Does anyone else watch this show? It's on OWN, the Oprah Network and I believe it comes on Sunday nights (it's on the DVR so I'm not sure the day of the week it airs..) </p>

<p>It is really fascinating. I like her as a reporter and have found the topics thought provoking. I am often moved to tears. </p>

<p>Do you watch it and if so, what are some episodes you have particularly liked?</p>

<p>I like it too! I think she is an excellent reporter - she asks great questions and I have always enjoyed her stories. I loved the recent show on twins and I also like the one she did on the family addicted to crack.</p>

<p>I just have to be careful to change the channel before 'Rosie' comes on. I can't stand her and refuse to watch even 1 second of her show.</p>

<p>@Charlottemom- The final outcome for that poor addicted family was heartbreaking, wasn't it? I just watched the one on Veterans this morning and I was bawling.</p>

<p>I haven't seen the Twins one but it looks much more lighthearted, which I need. The last few subjects have been very heavy!</p>

<p>I was so sad that the wife died! They had gotten clean and seemed to be doing so well. I haven't seen the show on Veterans yet - I know I will cry too!</p>