Our Program Director!

<p>Our Vicky Bussert has a website now! Check this out ( [Victoria</a> Bussert](<a href=“http://www.victoriabussert.com%5DVictoria”>http://www.victoriabussert.com) ) to learn what she’s up to now and what’s coming soon! You can also see some info about/pictures of past work!</p>

<p>Very cool. She has got an impressive resume!</p>

<p>Our program director Victoria Bussert is directing the professional Regional Premiere of [title of show] at the Repertory Theatre in St. Louis!</p>

<p>Broadway's</a> D'Abruzzo and Howes Set for [title of show] in St. Louis - Playbill.com</p>

<p>This is really exciting for her! Any idea what will happen to those auditioning on campus on the 16th? Will the auditions be recorded for her to see at a later time?</p>

<p>She will be there!!</p>

<p>That's such a relief! What a busy time that will be for her but that's great that she'll be able to be there on the 16th.</p>

<p>^I was curious about that- thanks for asking! It's great that she'll be able to make it.</p>

<p>This isn't exactly the right thread, but I sent in my request for that day and haven't heard back. I'm assuming it's because of the holiday break, but I'm just a little nervous. Anyway, questions!:</p>

<p>How exactly does the audition day work? Is it all day or do we reserve time slots? Is there a dance audition and where does it fit in? I know I should know that last one but there's so many schools I just get confused!</p>

<p>I was hoping to catch a show at B-W that night but since Title of Show will be open I might go see that! I'm flying out of St. Louis anyway!</p>

<p>You could always call the admissions office ((440) 826-2368) or shoot an email to Anita Evans (<a href="mailto:aevans@bw.edu">aevans@bw.edu</a>) about your audition. She's very helpful!</p>

<p>Here's a breakdown of the audition day:
You show up in the morning (around 9:00), and we have a short meeting explaining how the day works. After that the parents stay downstairs and have meetings about financial aid and other parent-y things. We take the auditioners upstairs and have a round table with current students (mostly seniors) where you can ask questions about the program and school and... whatever. We take you out of that room when it's time for your audition and you get some time in a practice room before you go into the room with Vicky (program director) Nancy Maier (music director), and Anna Maria D'Antonio (dance teacher). You'll have 3 songs and a monologue prepared, Vicky will choose 2 of your songs and you'll do those and then your monologue. Nice and easy. : ) After the morning session of auditions there will be a lunch break (we give you lunch), and then you'll sit in on a master class with an industry professional from New York-- an agent or casting director. Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores perform for them. After the master class, we all walk over to the dance studio for the dance call with Anna Maria. There is a ballet section and a jazz section of the call. After that there's a Q&A with Vicky and then you're dismissed-- Plan on being there until 6:00. </p>

<p>Hope you enjoy [title of show]!!! I would love to see it (I was the Susan understudy when we did it last year), but Berea's pretty far from St. Louis!!</p>

<p>If you have any other questions, let me know!</p>

<p>Thank you so, so much! That's just what I needed to know. :) If I don't hear anything by next Friday or so I'll definitely get in touch with someone.</p>

<p>another wonderful article about her!</p>

<p>Victoria</a> Bussert - Crain's Cleveland Business</p>