Our Town

<p>FYI-Our family went to see “Our Town” last night at Rider since my son has been accepted into the Theater Performance program. We have seen a musical at Rider, but never a play.
We were very impressed with the performance, the acting was excellent and the cast was a mix of Theater Performance and Musical Theater majors.
Most of the Musical Theater majors have professional credits listed in their bio’s.</p>

<p>Here in NJ for the show, too. My son is in MT at Rider and “Our Town” is his third mainstage play. One of the things he loves about Rider is the ability to do both the plays and the musicals. (Many TP majors get cast in the musicals too.) I hope your S got to meet Trent Blanton who teaches acting at Rider and directed “Our Town.” He is a fantastic teacher and director with many professional credits, and a truly great person. The students all love working with him. </p>

<p>Congrats to you and your son for the great performance! I’m glad to hear that TP students have the opportunity and have been cast in musicals. My son did meet Trent, he sat in on one of his acting classes in November and in December, he auditioned for him. Trent remembered him from his class, which made his nerves disappear during the audition. It sounds like the TP and MT students work a lot together, which is great.
Enjoy the last performance!</p>