=Our Turn Now - RD Roster=

<p>Congrats on getting finished all Cornell EDers, and good luck in December! Now, it is time for all of us as RD people to put our proverbial noses to the grindstone…hehe.</p>

<p>let’s get to know each other a little bit…?</p>

<li>iamnotabronte, ILR
Favorite Book: The Secret History by Donna Tartt or Lolita by Nabakov
Favorite Movie: When Harry Met Sally…
Favorite Food: caramel apples</li>

fav book: have too many
movie: mulan :D
fav food: also, have too many to list</li>

<p>bneg, AAP
book:let's say les miserable
movie:ms.congeniality!!!! & nausicaa....has anyone seen it?
food:at the moment it would be cotton candy
please let me add something: favorite song that's not in English: "chase chase chase" in Taiwanese (not mandarin)....anyone else like it?</p>

Movie: Gone With the WInd
Food: Jalapeno chips (I know I'm strange)
Book: Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan</p>

<p>i guess I'll take a go:</p>

book: many, but I love Dawkins and Orwell and Burroughs (willy s). Naked Lunch is pretty awsome.
Food: again, many, but I am a fan of nutter-butters. I also like carnation breakfast drinks for a quick snack
movie: yet again, many. Right now I'm really digging A clockwork orange (book was just as good) and Gattaca (uma thurman--yay).</p>

<p>Good luck fellow RD-ers</p>

<p>Rachel212, CAS (went from ED to RD, now regretting... :'( )
Book: Ragtime
Food: Sandwiches
Movie:...im not sure, but right now i'll say Real Genius</p>

<p>lets compile the names and then put your interest down. state which college please (putting undecided for those that didnt state).</p>

<li>iamnotabronte, ILR</li>
<li>hopeful219 (undecided)</li>
<li>bneg, AAP</li>
<li>wizdiz2006 (undecided)</li>
<li>Rachel212, CAS </li>
<li>Lynda, engineering
Book: e=mc^2, bio of world's most famous equation
Food: sushi
movie: Gundam wings endless walts/ butterfly effect</li>

<p>I'm applying to the college of Arts and Sciences. I have my application sent it, I did RD though becuase I had yet to take my SATs. I wish I had been able to do ED</p>

<p>good luck to all of you, i'm interested to see what this year's applicant pool will bring cornell.</p>