Out of state admissions

Hello, my rising Senior is considering Florida (dad went there). Based on research, we are realizing that the out of state acceptance rate is very low. Can anyone share their stats or what it takes to get accepted as an out of state student? We live in Virginia.

Thank you!

@KathyErstling What did your research say the acceptance rate is for out of state students?

UF’s website says that it is a myth that it is harder to get into out of state:
3. “Getting in to UF is more difficult for out-of-state students.”

Nope. We have absolutely no preference for in-state vs. out-of-state students. The percentage of out-of-state students at UF is 16%, which aligns with the rate of out-of-state applications received (vs. in-state).

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These are stats from 2019. This may help. 2019 Annual Report - University of Florida

Very interesting - in state was 45% vs. 41%.

But what I found surprising was the yields. 68% in - state, presumably because it’s the state’s highest rated school although FSU is coming up quickly.

Out of state 22% - likely because people have applied to other out of state schools and they are not generous scholarship wise although their regular tuition is still reasonable relative to others.

When you read on the chat boards, had you not known about rankings, you’d have thought FSU is much better. Just seems to be more customer friendly.

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@tsbna44 where are you finding the yield numbers?

I found it

Compared to other flagship schools, UF is more OOS friendly. However, it’s in general becoming more selective these years. The total acceptance rate in 2019 was 37%, and it dropped to 31% in 2020 with 20% increase in applications. The good news is that they received ONLY 3.6% more applications this year, so probably the acceptance rate will be around 30%? Since kids are applying to a lot more schools overall, the yield for most schools may drop. Some schools may leverage waitlist to mitigate the risks, but UF does not have waitlist. It likely grants more admissions??? Given all these factors, the acceptance rate may be similar to or higher than last year?

Apps were up, but how many came in without scores and aren’t being considered? That is the wildcard here.

That’s a great point. Some people are saying 12k applications were not complete. If that’s true, the students applied with scores may have much better chance. Who knows …

It was 12,000 applications without scores . It was reported 12/3 on twitter (still there) from a student reporter who was quoting the VP of Enrollment at the UF Board of Trustees meeting. What we don’t know, is how many of them got their scores in by the deadline.

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I don’t think Florida was impacted by test cancellations as much as some other states. We are in west florida and I don’t know anyone who was not able to take the SAT and/or ACT multiple times. The public schools offered also multiple in-school SAT dates in the fall to take it for free.

That’s probably the reason why the Florida colleges still require SAT as the impacts are not that much. It might be in different situations in other states. I know quite a few cancellations in my region.

I think it was mainly driven by the potential impact on the state Bright Futures scholarship program which is an amazing benefit for in-state students covering full or partial tuition for many, but eligibility is tied to test scores among other things.