Out of state all 4 years?

Does anyone know if you can establish residency so you can pay out of state the first year and then out of stat the remaining years for undergraduate?


Pretty tough to do. Impossible as a full-time student. If you want to go live there for a year prior to starting school maybe.

ISU gives really good incoming merit scholarships though and if you’re from CA there’s an additional one. With the merit, the cost is about the same as our in-state flagship.

My Arizona son is graduating next Month with a degree in materials engineering. With his merit scholarships, we paid about the same as we would have with merit scholarships from Arizona or Arizona State. Iowa State is a great engineering school and he has loved his time in Ames.

Beaudreau how did your son do with the Iowa weather? Curious given that you are from AZ. I’d like my son to consider Iowa State but he is balking at the weather and we are from the north!

@Empireapple - The weather was an adjustment for him, but not a big deal. I will say that he would be happy to work back in Arizona.

Beaudreau, we are from Denver co. We are torn between ASU and Iowa state aerospace engineering. CU Boulder didn’t not admit him direct to engineering school yet but as exploratory studies first so we are looking at ASU or ISU where scholarships bring down the cost to same as CU Boulder anyway. What are your consideration factors coming from AZ and picking Iowa state over ASU? Thanks

P/s penn state engineering admitted my son but no breaks on tuition so it’s more money to go there…

Actually…the whole family would need to move to IOWA more than a year before the student hoped to gain instate status. Residency for tuition purposes is based on the residency of the parents.

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@hoehlschool I don’t really know much about ASU or Iowa State’s’ AE programs. I have been in the ISU AE building, and it’s impressive. All three of our boys left Arizona to study engineering. Our oldest to Texas A&M for AE, our middle son to Miami (Ohio) to study biomedical engineering, and our youngest to Iowa State to study (ultimately) materials engineering. With scholarships, the costs were very similar in all three cases. Ultimately, I think all three just wanted to go away from home for college.

ASU is of course a huge urban school, while Iowa State’s campus is a beautiful park-like campus in pretty much a college town. Weather is also a huge difference. One thing to consider is ASU’s Barrett Honors College. It is pretty incredible with it’s own small campus within the enormous ASU campus. It changes the whole vibe of attending ASU>

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