Out of State applicant Chances

<p>My daughter is just finishing up her junior year of high school. I found this college to be a good match for her interests. A friend of mine said that it is very difficult to get into if you are from out of state (NJ)</p>

<p>D GPA is 4.43 SAT's 2000
She is musically talented and had had the female lead in the all-school production for the past 2 years</p>

<p>She has leadership positions in Chorale, Drama club and Student Council. NHS SHS</p>

<p>She has been a volunteer for Autism since 7th grade and last year we created our own fundraising event.</p>

<p>She is interested in double majoring in Communications and Vocal Performance.</p>

<p>Realistically, what are her chances?</p>

<p>Out of state is very hard. 2000 SAT scores are kind of low compared to other OOS. I would advise to take it one more time to see if it improves. Saying that, I think she still has a chance. The leadership and ECs look good. If the essays are good, I think she has a good chance.</p>

<p>She is taking them again in October.</p>

<p>Out of state admission is very competitive, but your daughter's profile seems to be in line with what UNC is looking for, particularly in terms of extracurriculars. That doesn't mean she'll be admitted, but it means that if she puts a lot of thought and time into her essays (which UNC seems to really care about), and perhaps improves her SATs slightly, she has a shot.</p>

<p>What are her old SAT (Math/CR) scores? </p>

<p>UNC places a lot of importance on the essays and really does try to look at the whole application but a 2000 is really on the low end for OOS admission. They don't place as much emphasis on the newer writing section which is why I was curious about the old SAT subset.</p>

<p>I wholeheartedly believe my essays is what got me in, followed closely by the fact I helped start my school's environmental club. Other than that, I was not too impressive, especially for OOS standards. So yes, I'd recommend she spends a lot of time on her essays but in my opinion, she shouldn't worry too much about her SATs (but it wouldn't hurt to bring it up by 100 points or so)</p>

<p>Her strongest score was on the Writing 730, which isn't surprising since that is her interest and strength (communication is desired major w/ music as a minor) The other scores were R 630 M 640. Hopefully another try in October will bring all the scores up. But, if the essay is important, then that should be lucky for her!</p>

<p>A 1270 old score is definitely low for OOS admission she needs to work hard to get that over 1400 to improve her chances.....unfortunately it keeps getting more and more competitive each year.</p>