Out Of State Applicant (New York)

<p>I've heard its wasier to get in out of state.</p>

<p>600 CR
690 Math
570 Writing</p>

<p>3.2 GPA UW (yes, my weak point)</p>

<p>Anyways, can any out of state students chance me? Or students from in state that have a friend from out of state, etc.</p>

<p>Thank you</p>

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<p>Different colleges within VT may be more competitive than others. I know Architecture and Engineering are competitive. My daughter is out of state and was accepted to Engineering with 1920 SATs, 4.2 GPAw and very good ECs. From what I could gather, her stats were pretty typical (within range) for other women engineer accepted applicants.</p>

<p>Definitely depends on the school you are applying to. My son is out of state also. He has a classmate that applied to Engineering but was only admitted to University Studies.</p>

<p>Check out this to get any idea of the range of stats for admitted students.</p>

<p>Freshman</a> Snapshot | Undergraduate Admissions | Virginia Tech</p>