Out of State Applicant

<p>Hi guys, I want to apply to UW. But I have a few questions because I'm the only one in my class of 500+ who wants to go here. Right now, I stand at the top 15% of my class with a UW gpa of 3.8, this is including Freshmen Year. I've taken 4 AP classes, passed them all and my UC GPA is 4.0( Sophomore and Junior years only). I have a 1900 SAT score (610 CR+670 Math=1280).I have some ECs like winning an international badminton tournament and varsity badminton for 3 years besides being a first generation student and an immigrant. By the way, if you guys haven't figured it out, I'm from California.
So here are my questions:
1. How does UW calculate your GPA? Is it different than the way UCs calculate it?
2. When applying for autumn application, it says that if I apply for autumn i must apply for summer?
3. How is the financial aid for this school? I come from a low income family, is the school need-blind?
4. As you may expect it, what are my chances?</p>

<p>BTW, I've taken all honors classes except for world history and us history</p>

<li>UW, 9-11 grades</li>
<li>if you look on the application, you check off the Autumn 2012 box</li>
<li>heard it wasn't too good /:</li>
<li>I'd say your chances are pretty good. I'm applying to U Dub too!</li>

<li><p>UW asks you to input all classes you took 9-12, and input known grades. That calculates the GPA out of 4.0 using letter equivalency scales.</p></li>
<li><p>Never heard of that.. most don't come for summer quarter. Just apply autumn.</p></li>
<li><p>UW doesn't have much to give. You end up as a better applicant since youre OOS, but they only accept OOS if you're paying full. Most financial aid is for WA kids.</p></li>
<li><p>Like I said above, being out-of-state makes you more likely, and you have good class standings and an ok SAT. Your grades and course rigor might not be as competitive, but you came from a smaller HS. I'd say you have a good chance, but a little less competitive in academics. Try throwing in work and ECs.</p></li>

<p>Like previously said, your odds on getting in are good. A big part is because you are an out of state student and the UW is trying to take as many of them as possible...to charge full out-of-state tuition to make money on. That said, there will be no financial aid offered for you at the state level. You still may qualify for federal aid, such as the pell grant</p>

<p>"3. How is the financial aid for this school? I come from a low income family, is the school need-blind?"</p>

<p>Not need blind, unfortunately. You can try this website: Student</a> Office of Financial Aid</p>