Out of State Applicants at UGA

<p>I heard that 85% of UGA students are Georgia residents. My New York daughter (a junior) is interested in UGA. She is a B student currently. Will her geographic status help her gain admission? I ask knowing that many schools want geographic diversity.</p>

<p>I have no ideas on that, I'm from VT and was accepted as a transfer (once as <sophomore, so="" stricter="" acceptance,="" and="" this="" time="" as="" a="" junior,="">60 credits, transfer). Also the latest statistics I had seen said about 90% of the school was in state, then those from out of state are mostly from surrounding states (some of which have school trade type deals where they can pay in-state tuition). I'd say tell her to go ahead and apply, their acceptance criteria isn't all that strict so in state or out, she should be able to be within it and get accepted. I don't think OOS gets looked at any different than in-state, but I could be wrong as they get much more $ out of OOS students. Being a State school where HOPE is used most of the time, I don't think geographic diversity would be a big matter for them (for better or for worse). </sophomore,></p>

<p>Anyway, all in all go for it, also I would suggest checking into apartment dwelling after a year on campus as the meal plan a and dorms together can be upwards of $7000 a semester. I'm not liking that on top of the approx. $30000 I'm going to be paying for the school itself.</p>

<p>They definitely like to admit out of state students, but there is a large out of state pool which makes it very competitive.</p>

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Perhaps the link above will address your question and others about UGA.</p>