Out of state kids at SUNY?

My high school senior has several SUNY schools that she’s interested in (New Paltz, Plattsburgh, Oneonta.) Upon looking at stats, I see that they are comprised of 96-99% in-state students. My question is, for people with experience at SUNY campuses, is it awkward for an out of state student to fit in? She really loves NY, but she’s also a little unsure of herself. Wondering if my NH girl will get lost in a NY world?

My D attended Plattsburgh. Her best friend, with whom she recently traveled cross-country, was an out of state student. She had other friends from Africa, Asia and the West Indies. One year, she was an RA in the international student dorm. Plattsburgh is not like NYC. It’s a small town environment and I don’t think your NH girl will get lost there.

My D turned down both New Paltz and Oneonta for Plattsburgh, but both of those schools have their adherents.

New York is a big state. It’s not just NYC, LI, and Westchester.

New Paltz as a decent number of international students on campus, so even if she’s one of the few from NY State, she won’t be alone in terms of being from elsewhere.

In addition, New Paltz attracts a significant number of students who aren’t from the local area - there are students coming from Long Island, from way upstate, etc. Some of them drive further from where they live in NY State to get to NP than you will, from NH.