Out of State Students; Geography Major

Just got back from a visit to DePaul. My son had a list of criteria when applying to schools, and DePaul ticked off all the boxes, so he applied, but we knew nothing much about it. Well, he has been accepted with a decent merit scholarship, so we went for a visit last week. We both liked it a lot, and it is now on the short list.

We are from New York State, and were wondering what it is like for students who come from a distance since it seems like a lot of people are from Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin. Do people go away for the weekends a lot? Is there much school spirit? I don’t necessarily mean sports, which he doesn’t really like, but lots of active clubs, hanging out with other students, etc.

He is interested in the Geography Department and heard lots of great things about it when we were there, but haven’t met any students in that department. We liked that they have a 5 year BA/MA option. Any Geography majors out there?

Did you find any information about your question elsewhere. My DS21 is potentially interested and would like to know if it’s a “suitcase” school as well.

@BktoNJ - I have not heard more, but school is still at the top of the list for my son, so we will be visiting again in March, and will ask more. In any case, the location of the school is fantastic, and students get CTA passes included in their tuition, so if a student is an extrovert, there should be plenty to keep them busy off campus. My son is a bit of a homebody, so his main concern about the school is being far from home. I think if he gets a group of friends on campus, that will be less so. Will let you know if I learn more.