Out of State Students?

<p>Rutgers is a state school, so does that mean there is an advantage to being an in-state student? I live in CA, and I wanted to know if I had a decent chance getting in... Does Rutgers generally have a high out-of-state acceptance rate? Thanks :)</p>

<p>I'm out of state as well. They like diversity at Rutgers, but around 5% of the student body is out-of-state. We're a rare bunch, and if you can make yourself seem genuinely interested in attending and present yourself in a way that is unique, and fulfill the other academic standards, you should be well in.</p>

<p>We are from California as well and my son will be attending Rutgers this fall. Rutgers may be diverse as far as ethnic makeup but like the previous post - it is not geographically diverse with only around 5% from out of state. Although he will attend Rutgers, we had much better grant or scholarship money from other East Coast Schools who wanted that type of diversity.</p>