Out-of-State transfer chance?

<p>I already posted this in the official thread but no one ever posts in there.
Can someone chance me?
applied to UCLA, UCSD, SDSU
major: Theater
GPA: 3.72</p>

<p>I already kind of know how UCLA works when it comes to theater. It's pretty much based off the audition so I guess what are my chances for UCSD and SDSU. Also, I'm out of state. :/
Fall 2009
English I A
Pre Cal F
Oral Comm C</p>

<p>Spring 2010
English II A
Pre Cal B
Sociology A
Theater App. A
Basic Acting A</p>

<p>Fall 2010
Cultrul Anthro. A
Art App. A
Biology A
Af. American Hist. A
Philosophy A
Inter. acting A</p>

<p>You got great numbers and a great GPA trend. If only you were in-state you'd stand a great (90%+) chance! Regarding UCSD and the other UCs besides UCLA, you probably already know the UCs' preference order goes like this: applicants from in-state community college, then those from other California non-CC's (UCs/CSUs, privates). After this comes out of state applicants. (It's often sad that many out-of-state applicants, such as possibly yourself, are way more qualified and would add way more diversity to the UCs than would average in-state applicants, yet because of the long-established traditions and invisible regulations, out-of-state applicants inevitably are turned away.) This said, and given your stats, and perhaps your possible exceptionality at theater, then you do have a chance I'd say. </p>

<p>If you do end up getting denied and still really want to attend, there's an untraditional way through re-applying -- though it will take some time, at least a year I think -- which involves you moving to California and establishing residency here, then re-applying. Best wishes.</p>

<p>I really appreciate it. Yeah its kind of a let down. I've also read the other stuff about the CSU's pretty much just selecting people in their counties which sucks so SDSU seems pretty farfetched too. UCLA is definitely my first choice, but there admissions for theater is pretty much a crapshoot and no one can really know if they're in or not. San Diego is my hometown and my dad went to UCSD so I've always wanted to go. Hopefully everything works out.</p>