Out of time on the ACT

<p>I have heard many people tell me that the act was easier than the sat but i saw myself running out of time. how many questions do you need to get correct to score a 36?</p>

<p>depends on the section and the curve on the test, but usually EVERY SINGLE QUESTION!</p>

<p>Mm.. You can miss a couple because ACT scores round up. For example, 36 36 35 35 would be a 36.</p>

<p>The amount of people that get a 36 is extremely low.</p>

<p>To get a 36 on one of the four sections, you need them all in that section. To get a 36 composite you can miss a couple because any 35.5 composite becomes a 36.</p>

<p>in response to knavish. last i heard, 99th percentile of all ACT scores is 32. therefore making the ACT a much harder test to get a 36 on. the act may be easier, depending on how you test. i test a 1390 SAT, but a 34 ACT</p>