Outdated AP Review Books?

<p>Well, I've made the decision to load my senior schedule with AP's. I'll be taking AP Statistics, AP Calculus (AB), AP English Literature, AP Psychology, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry. I want to get a head start on these subjects by at least looking over some test prep/review books during the summer. I found books online for cheap prices, the problem is that their from 2009 and later. I'm worried that some of these books will be outdated. Do the AP tests differ greatly from year to year? Also, I heard tests like Stats and Psych are rediculously easy, is this true? Oh, and any recommendations for books would be appriciated. Thanks guys.</p>

<p>Older books aren't that big of a problem, especially for calculus and statistics and chemistry. I know CB is planning on making changes to the Bio syllabus, but I don't think it will be in place next year. You should be fine buying older books.</p>

<p>Older books are fine. Some don't even change after 10 years have gone by.</p>