Outdoor Academy

<p>I am thinking about spending the second semester of tenth grade (I am currently in ninth) in the mountains of North Carolina as part of a program called the Outdoor Academy. I think that it would be a great experience, but I am concerned about some things.</p>

<p>If I go, I will not be able to take a yearlong science class. It would be an interesting way to spend the semester (many hiking, rock climbing, and camping trips), but because I am interested in science, it may not be worth it.</p>

<p>10th grade classes (if I go)
English honors
0.5 Zoology
O.5 Botany
0.5 Natural Science
Trigonometry honors
Gym (required)
0.5 Art (required)
Spanish III
World History honors</p>

<p>(most advanced I can take and still go to Outdoor Academy)</p>

<p>Would this schedule be looked down upon by colleges?</p>

<p>a girl in my grade did that spring semester in 10th grade...</p>

<p>she decided to stay in North Carolina oddly enough. :p</p>

<p>but some of the juniors go to this place called HMI in colorado for a semester (similar to outdoor academy) and they get into top colleges and whatnot. by doing something like that it shows your not necessarily afraid to take chances and risks, and could be appealing to some adcoms. </p>

<p>i would only go if the science you were interested in had to do with "earthy" type stuff (environment, biology, conservation, etc.) because that's namely what you concentrate on. </p>

<p>my 2 cents. :)</p>

<p>Thanks for replying so quickly! Yes, I am interested in biology.</p>

<p>9th grade: Intensive Biology
10th grade: Botany, Zoology, Natural Science (0.5 credit each)
11th grade: Honors Chemistry and AP Biology
12th grade: Honors Physics and AP Chemistry</p>

<p>Would this be too much? I will have enough class periods, but it might end up being too stressful.</p>

<p>i personally don't think so, but i'm also just weird like that. i do have a friend (junior) whose taking phys honors and ap chem right now, and she's not having a terribly hard time as far as i can tell (and she did it without honors chem). i also tried to take ap bio and ap phys b this year (on top of another ap, which was really 2 aps in one class), but ap bio conflicted with another class so i couldn't. </p>

<p>but it sounds like something that you are really interested in and i would say go for it. :)</p>

<p>Thanks for your help. At my school, we have to take regular or honors courses in a subject before taking the AP class (except for US history). Otherwise, I probably would not take Chem honors before the AP. More opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>