Outdoor Action or Community Service? (or none?)

<p>Hey, if you get in, which one would you most likely do? I'm thinking that the Outdoor Action sounds like a ton of fun...</p>

<p>Yes! Outdoor Action definitely.</p>

<p>im gonna do outdoor action too! my brother did it and sait it rocked</p>

<p>I know someone who opted for the com. service and then regretted it..said he wanted to do 'something meaningful,' but then realized he had his whole life in front of him for that and thought O.A. would have helped him settle into Princeton better. (Since something like 60% of frosh do it...)</p>

<p>I'm not really a hiking person, so I'd say community service.</p>

<p>Depends. What type of community service are we talking about? </p>

<p>My Princeton friends told me the O.A. is very fun, however. Hmm...</p>

<p>I did OA and I had never camped in my life. It was tough but I loved it and its a great bonding experience. Then again, my friends that did CA loved it too so whatever.</p>

<p>OA most def. It's the limit of fun squared.</p>

<p>as fun approaches infinity of course :)</p>

<p>I'm definitely going to do outdoor action. It looks amazing.</p>

<p>Besides, even if it's crap, I'll be so happy that I'm at Princeton that it won't bother me.</p>

<p>wouldn't it be a laugh if one of us got into an OA group w/ another CCer?</p>

<p>Yes. A laugh.</p>

<p>what if it were a group of 10 CCers in 1 OA group? hahaha</p>

<p>Yeah, don't waste two laughs on it. One will do ;)</p>

<p>And shrek, that would be too weird for words. Seriously. Yet oh so cool.</p>

<p>Sorry =)
...my friends make fun of me for using "British-isms" too ...</p>

<p>No, that's awesome. Britishisms rock. I've started saying things like "right you are" and "by george" ever since we started rehearsing My Fair Lady. It's the diggity :D</p>

<p>Not it isn't. I go to an international school and English-english as I call it, sucks.