Outing Club

<p>I have recently learned that nearly one third of Dartmouth students enjoy this club, and it is a very big part of Dartmouth life. </p>

<p>I am getting two messages from this, tbh: 1. Dartmouth is more fun oriented than other similar ranking schools, 2. Dartmouth balances fun and academics well, and students have avenues to destress. Which is 'more' true?</p>


<p>The reason I think is more true than either of those is that Dartmouth, like most schools, takes advantage of what it has to offer. And in Dartmouth's case one of the things it can offer is being located out in the woods next to a river rather than in the middle of a city. So it tends to attract students in the first place who are outdoor-minded rather than ones who are looking for Broadway shows and big city lights. Plus many students who were not particularly outdoorsy before end up joining in the fun while they are there and learn to like it too. Result: a high percentage of students in the club.</p>