outlook on life

<p>im a junior in delaware's top high school, "the charter school of wilmington" (does the rank of high school attended matter?) and was wondering what colleges are the best for me. can someone point out some good choices for me?</p>

<p>SAT: 1300- (800 M, 500 V)
No SATII's taken yet
GPA: 3.0/4 (i know it's bad but this is delawares hardest school)
Rank: no idea. think 100/200
AP Calc AB:Currently taking , AP Computer Sciences: currently taking
all other classes phase 5 with the exception of american lit and us history (phase 4)</p>

<p>Started the chinese club during freshman year and lasted for half the year (my drum and guitar lessons got in the way)
Was on the football team (jv/varsity) freshman year
Sophmore year was occupied by a job
Currently in table tennis club and quiz bowl.
activities outside school include: play the guitar, drums and piano (does this matter? they take up a ****load of time and im a drumer of a band) all very well. Have over 100 hours of volunteer. Have a job as a golf caddy.</p>

<p>i plan to raise my gpa to a 3.2 this year and take the sats again, hopefully around a 1450. i have a interest in psychology and am planning on going to duke or university of wisconsin, madison (i will move to wisconsin next month). i will early admission to duke. can someone tell me my chances and other schools that are a good choice for me? </p>

<p>any help is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>you have no chance at duke</p>

<p>wat are some colleges apropriate for me and how can i improve my chances?</p>

<p>UW or another state school in that region sounds like a good place for yo. Of course, all that could change once you move to Wisconsin.</p>

<p>good change or bad change? what are the chances of me getting into UW madison when i move there and early addmision?</p>