outside help for ivy applications

<p>what is a website/company that offers respectable college admission advice? the schools i'm looking at are harvard/princeton/stanford tiered schools. i would like them to brainstorm essay ideas with me as well as edit my drafts. no i do not want them to write them for me, but i need experts to help me revise them. please provide any suggestions/recommendations/whatsoever. you can pm me as well. thank you!</p>

<p>please bump!</p>

<p>I heard College Confidential is always a good source of advice.</p>

<p>On a serious note, I don't think we're allowed to post such URLs by the CC TOS.</p>

<p>Well you could find a lot of essay reviewers on CC but if you don't trust anonymous people (I wouldn't blame you!) I think you should have your English teacher/School Counselor/Friends and family pitch in wherever they can!</p>

<p>BUT I would warn you not to take their advice blindly and in the process loose your 'voice', after all the college wants to know about you!</p>

<p>And if you still want a URL for a reviewer just search on google and go with the most reputed or used one! :)</p>

<p>Can a person incapable of creating an application on his own be successful at a school like Harvard or Princeton or Stanford? I think that colleges just want to see you, not someone else's interpretation of what he thinks the adcoms want to see. I think you'll be much better off just searching these forums for any info you may need</p>

<p>yeah i totally agree with what everyone has said, and i absolutely am not looking for someone to read my essay. i just need professional/expert advice on how to edit. maybe some parts i'm rambling and it would be better if it was cut out, but i am not always the best judge of my work bc i'm inherently biased, so thats why i want outside advice. i'm definitely asking my english teacher etc., but i dont have contact with her until september and i would love to start working on it now :)</p>

<p>^Most people at those so-called companies are usually retired English teachers looking for a quick buck.</p>

<p>One quick piece of advice - ask your English teacher as early as possible. You will be much more likely to get better revisions if you ask sooner rather than later. Try e-mailing her if you can; it's possible she's willing to look at it now. It's also a good idea to ask your former English teachers - esp. those from last year since they still have an idea of your writing style and composition.</p>

<p>Asking your History teacher would also be a recommended idea. Ask your parents if they know anyone good at reading essays, and if they can do it themselves. I'm sure you can get quite a bit of help during the summer without having to pay for it.</p>