Outside of school ECs?

<p>I see that the Columbia application has a space for ECs (mainly community service) that are not school related. I only did one (I have a nice car, and I give terminally ill children a chance to take a ride in it). But, I have quite strong inschool ECs. Does only having one non school related EC hurt me?</p>


<p>Hmmm...my outside involvement also did not appear strong on paper
I only put down two:</p>

<li>Welcome Committee Chairperson of Youth Group</li>
<li>Piano - Personal Study (but I'm not one of those phenomenal awardwinning asian musicians...i used to take lessons, now i just play what im interested in)</li>

<p>But, I tried to make up for that and show I'm not just some lackadaisical bum by detailing the massive amount of stuff I do over the summer and conveying my passions through my essay. </p>

<p>There's really nothing you can do about your weak outside ECs (dont try to fluff it), so I guess just blow them away with the rest of your app. heh.</p>



<p>I do french horn personal study... I played in school for 6 years, but my new school did not have a band, so now its a personal study. Being able to play the French Horn is a real tradition in my family, goes back three generations, including aunts and uncles... quite funny, lol... </p>

<p>Good Luck to you too :)</p>