Outside Scholarship Policy

<p>Son just received an unexpected outside scholarship. Since he's being offered financial aid, I understand that he must tell Carleton about it. What's more, I understand that as a result he may no longer qualify for a federal work study job. Though we're really happy about the scholarship, I actually think he'd benefit from earning his own spending and book money by working eight hours a week in the dining hall or wherever (dumb, I know). Does anyone know if Carleton might consider letting him keep the work study job? Thanks.</p>

<p>Hi, actually I know several people who work in dining hall and are not on financial aid, so I think it could work for your son. Dining halls are routinely understaffed, so inquiring about this would be a good idea!</p>

<p>The thing about federal work study jobs is that some of the jobs offered in the Northfield community (especially paid work for community service organizations and other nonprofits) require all applicants to have received federal work study--if you haven't, you won't be eligible to apply. </p>

<p>Otherwise, all jobs on campus are open to everyone, regardless of financial aid. Has your son completed the Student Work Preference Form? Carleton</a> College: Student Financial Services: Student Employment If not, have him do it ASAP and make sure he lists every skill that could possibly get him out of working in the dining hall. </p>

<p>Not that the dining halls are inhumanly horrible, but that is generally considered to be the worst job on campus, which is why they have trouble keeping students around.</p>

<p>OP, we're in the same boat. We called to report it and were told that while it does replace most of his work-study, he need only indicate that he still wants a job and they'll try to ensure that he gets one. They didn't seem to think it would be a problem at all.</p>

<p>Thanks to all. </p>

<p>mflevity, he sent in the job preference form, and he's actually hoping for a job in the language lab, but the form says that almost all first years get assigned to the (dreaded) dining hall. </p>

<p>YDS: that's good to hear. We will call.</p>

<p>You never know--I got assigned to the theater scene shop.</p>

<p>Hi - depends on how much the scholarship is for. I have an outside scholarship as well, and the first thing they take away is loans. I think if you've gotten a scholarship worth more than your loans, work study will be the next to go; however, as mentioned above, it's entirely possible to get a job without being on financial aid.</p>

<p>Also, I definitely wouldn't say that "most" freshmen get assigned to dining halls. I work in admissions, along with a handful of other freshmen, and I have friends who work in (among other places) the post office, the theatre, the alumni fund... in fact, I only have one close friend who works in the dining hall.</p>