Outside Scholarships & Presidential

<p>Good Morning!
D has applied for quite a few outside scholarships. Some we have noticed are specifically noted to be used for paying tuition only.</p>

<p>We have the Presidential scholarship which covers 100% of tuition.....so do we lose the outside scholarship? Does it go toward tuition and we lose a part of the Presidential?</p>

<p>Not sure how this works?
Thanks so much</p>

<p>You don't lose any of the Presidential. </p>

<p>The outside scholarship will get sent to Bama and Bama will put in in your acct. Then Bama will add the Presidential full amount.</p>

<p>I don't think Bama really cares about the "tuition specification". Bama doesn't really direct money to **specific **expenses. Money/grants/scholarships just go into your acct and charges are listed/deducted. </p>

<p>Anyway....The Presidential is not for "tuition only". It's for the amount of tuition. It's just going to go into your acct as promised.</p>

<p>Imagine your bank acct that you use online bill pay. You put money in, and money goes out to pay bills. Someone could give you a check that says "for mortgage only", but it's going into your bank acct along with the rest of your funds.</p>

<p>This is what the scholarship info states:

An out-of-state first-time freshman student who meets the December 1st scholarship priority deadline, has a 32-36 ACT or 1400-1600 SAT score [critical reading and math scores only] and at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA will be selected as a Presidential Scholar and will receive the value of out-of-state tuition for four years.


<p>The last line states that the scholar will recieve the value of out-of-state tuition for four years. It does not say they give free tuition, or that the scholarship was to be used towards tuition only. We figured out that was the distinction!</p>

<p>Great question!</p>