over bearing parents

<p>I need a little parental help here. My father is way to obsessive with this process...how do i get him to chill</p>

<p>Tell him you’re doing the best you can do.</p>

<p>But then again, if you aren’t, you kind of deserve it.</p>

<p>alrightt so my parents are like that too and basically i just took over everything. as soon as i showed them that i have everything under control they backed off. i mean im sure if i came home with a B they would still be pretty ****ed but at least they don’t nag me every day about it. the other thing i asked my parents is “why do you want me to go to a top college so badly?” they answered with your standard career, prestige, great education, etc. answers and i just said that i can be succesful from any school, and that i know i will go somewhere good and i will make the most of it and thats all i can do. </p>

<p>thats sorta what i do. but every parent is different i guess.good luck. it sucks im sorry :/</p>

<p>…woooow im not allowed to write p i s s e d? Seriously?</p>