overall chances

<p>k.. so i'm a senior this year, and I guess I have already made up my mind, but I guess I can always use more imput.</p>


<p>3.3 gpa (meaning like an 88 or so, depends on colleges and stuff because at my school 90-94 is a 3.5)</p>

<p>1150 sat, re-taking them this sat, hoping for 1230 or so </p>

<p>APs- this year AP Euro</p>

<p>I come from a VERY compeditive high school, one of the best in the nation.
This year president of the intercultural club at my school
last year vice president of the intercultural club
GS for 10 years, recently got my Girl Scout Gold award (equal to the BS eagle scout award)
For my gold award project I created a literacy program at the local daycare center and worked w/ them did projects, brong in students from my intercultural club to help out </p>

<p>Interesting facts:
school has not always been easy for me. I learned to read in 4th grade and all my life I have had to cope with LD and ADD.</p>

<p>Teacher recs:
I can get the best of the best from a teacher who I've had for three years and who adores me. </p>

<p>College essays:
Because of all my CC work my college essays should rock. </p>

<p>schools I am applying to:</p>

<p>1) SUNY Binghamton (EA)
2) SUNY New Paltz
3) SUNY Albany (my dad plays tennis w/ a person who is on the board of trustees there, and he claimed that he could get me in no matter what. That’s the only reason why I am applying)
4) University of Delaware
5) Ithaca college
6) Quinnipiac University
7) Muhlenberg college
8) American University
9) George Washington University</p>

<p>So yeah thats my list, just out of curiosity what do u guys think? </p>


<p>i think they are all in reach, but gw might be a reach..</p>